Flynax releases Shopping Cart & Bidding Plugin


Flynax is glad to roll out a new but powerful and needed plugin for classifieds website owners - Shopping Cart & Bidding. This plugin may help you to turn your classifieds website into a powerful and full featured eBay like online auction or online shop thus increase your online profits.

Shopping Cart & Bidding plugin features:
  • Shopping Cart tools
  • Online Bidding/Auction along with bidding history
  • Four different shipping options (DHL & UPS)

Shopping Cart & Bidding plugin is one of the most powerful plugins presented by Flynax team. It gives you a great option to turn a classifieds website into a powerful online-shop or even run eBay like online auction with all available and nowadays Flynax software features with flexible settings.
So now your site users may easily sell their goods not only through simple online ads at your classifieds website but as goods which can be purchased online through your auction/classifieds eBay like website. Goods can be simply added by users into an online basket at your website and later purchased by making online payments or your users may easily put goods up at your online auction and get even more profit if other site users will offer good price.

Shopping Cart & Bidding plugin has also 4 different shipping options which can be simply used by site users for convenient delivery of their goods to buyers. The delivery cost by delivery services such as DHL or UPS is automatically counted and added into the total sum of the client’s order depending on end points.

This powerful plugin also provides you with other multiple and useful managers and tools which can help your site users to manage payment acceptance methods, delivery options, rates and more.

There are two different options with settings available for payees:

1. Payments to site owners. We think that is an ideal option for those who want to run online shop and earn money online.
2. Payments to sellers. We recommend this option as it helps to create convenient conditions and environment for online trading at your auction/classifieds website.

Thus this plugin gives you a great chance to turn your classifieds website into a full featured eBay like auction website or powerful online shop.


We at Flynax continue to work over the plugin and its further improvements such as functional development and adding new courier/delivery services. We would be glad if you could take an active part in this development process and leave your comments and wishes following this forum link.

By the way the online demo for the Shopping Cart & Bidding plugin is available here on General Classifieds Script Demo.

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